Sunday, August 26, 2018


"Ahh SALUTE" !!!

FRANK raises a glass to many adoring fans.

This picture reminds me of the 7 GLORIOUS TIMES I was fortunate enough to see the Great Man perform Live and in Concert ..

There was nothing quite like seeing Frank Sinatra in Concert ... The shows were electrifying, the air filled with excitement from the many adoring fans, to be there amongst a few thousand other like minded people, very special people "Wonderful Adoring Fans of The Great One FRANCIS ALBERT SINATRA," for there was never and there will never be another quite like Frank and his legions of loving fans, and I'm so proud to say I was one of them.

Yes the rooms that Sinatra performed live in were filled with Electricity and it wasn't just Frank, it was his fans as well and the back and forth love and adulation that went on between Frank and his fans during every one of these special nights. Sinatra was the ultimate performer and without question the greatest singer of the 20th Century, nobody could touch Sinatra,    "No One!"

Frank would come out on stage and the place would explode with applause, love, and adulation. The fans welcome Frank into the house and Frank reciprocated, there was nothing like it my friends (to see Sinatra live). Yes Frank always gave us a most warm welcome and we back to him. Then the show would began. Frank always was back by the most amazingly perfect orchestras that backed up his unmatched singing and there you go another night of one of the greatest happenings on God's Good Earth, a Live Concert by The Chairman of The Board Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra, the great one. Basta !





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