Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sinatra - Favorite Bar



3rd Avenue at 55th Stree, New York, NY

Since 1884

Are you a True Downtowner who has found themselves for one reason or another on the Upper East Side and needed a good place to have a drink and grab a good Burger. You need a good joint, not a obnoxious Sports Bar with 20 annoying Flat Screen TVs. You're not from BumFu_k Iowa, so Applebee's or Tj McFunsters just won't do. You're a Downtowner, you need a inexpensive, unpretentious, non-contrived place with a Cool Vibe. Well for years now, my Go-To all-around place on the Upper East Side (for the Rare Times I'm in that neighborhood) is without question PJ Clarke's. The ambiance is beyond compare, wonderfully well worn, charming, and awash in History.
    PJ Clarke's was one of Sinatra's Favorites along with the 21 Club, Jilly's and Patsy's on 56th Street. And speaking of Sinatra who recorded a wonderful version of "One For My Baby" which was written at PJ Clarke's on a Cocktail Napkin by the great Johnny Mercer in 1941.

    When I go to PJ Clarke's, I'm thinking of a Burger, a Beer or Bourbon Old Fashion, and an order of Onion Rings. With all the rage of Burger's these days, PJ Clarke's has been serving one of New York's tastiest Burgers for close to a Hundred Years. Even Jackie Kennedy loved PJ Clarke Burgers and ate them often. And Nat King Cole proclaimed after eating a tasty Bacon Cheeseburger that it was the Cadillac of Burgers. "You know Nat, I agree." And combined with the wonderful ambiance, History, and allure of the place, PJ Clarke's just ca not be beat. Try it!

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

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FRANK SINATRA at JILLY'S (New York) with daughters Nancy & Tina and Friends.
JILLY RIZZO was Bodyguard and close friend of Sinatra's, and JILLY'S was along with
Patsy's, Gino's, and PJ CLARKE'S Franks favorite JOINTS of all ... 

  PJ CLARKE Facts One of Sinatra's favorite joints ..... Johnny Mercer wrote One For My Baby a Sinatra Favorite on a Cocktail Napkin at PJ Clarke's  ..... Jackie Kennedy often brought John F. Kennedy Jr. for a Saturday lunch Burger....... Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) orders a Burger here in The French Connection ...
Author Charles Jackson was a regular at PJ Clarke's and in the movie version with ray Miland, PJ Clarke's was used and called Nat's Bar in the movie ... On June 20, 1958 Buddy Holly proposed to his fiancee there ... 

Johnny Depp gave a gift of a Guitar to Keith Richards and Keef played on the spot Brown Sugar .... PJ Clarke's was a Favorite of Ted Kennedy, Richard Harris, Jake LaMotta, and Dick Clark, all of who love the burger ... 

Regular Liza Minelli loves the PJ Clarke Burger as well ...




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